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Mom’s miracle will

On May 29, 2001 I went shopping, as I so often did almost every day. I’m retired so I go where there are people. I like being with people. I had gone to my favourite mall Northgate where I sometimes need a friend for lunch for coffee. I finished my shopping and was at the bus stop to go home. There they tell me I had several seizures. The ambulance was called. I am told I gave them a hard time and told them I only had a bad headache which I rarely had. They took me to the University Hospital which is the best in Edmonton, there I am told I still gave them a bit of a hard time, but it was there that I had that aneurysm and passed out. The nurses and doctors told me later that it had been a quiet night until I arrived. It was as if they were waiting for me. It was clockwork procedure. There they stabilized me and prepared me for major surgery the next day. My head was opened up from the centre of my four head to below my ears, and from the centre of my four head halfway back on my head. While on the operating table I heard the doctor say to the two women which I will presume were nurses, that he didn’t know what to do. He said that he had to pray and he prayed to the Lord God to guide him in his very difficult operation, I heard him say, “I cannot do this on my own.” I was on the table, my head open, I was watching the doctor working on my head. There was blood all over the table, there were lights all over in my head, pretty ones going on and off. But there was one stone missing, a white one. The lights were like bright precious stones. Pastor Duane had his hands on the table. He put his hands underneath my head, and they were full of blood, but there he found the missing stone. He gave it to the doctor, but the doctor said to him, “Would you like to put the stone back in Mary’s head?” And that is what he did. Pastor Duane was doing a lot of praying. He said, “holy father,” a lot of times, and the prayers were beautiful. Pastor Duane took my hands, prayed and said goodbye and said he had to go home. I wanted to talk to him but I couldn’t, but I wished he would have heard my thoughts. I wanted to tell pastor Duane, “thank you,” for all the tapes of his sermons. They help me a lot, before I got sick and even more during and after my illness. Henry, my son, played tapes for me in the hospital in the coma I could hear. I felt like I prayed a lot during that time. I pray the Lord’s prayer many times. I’ve always loved the Lord’s Prayer. I heard many things that were discussed in my hospital room. I heard the doctors tell my children that they should find a place for me in a care home and that I would never walk again, that I would need constant care and that I would never be the same again. I could see my sons crying and praying. Especially Henry, he was always praying. And I remember Aggie praying, she would say, “Mary, can you hear me,” but I cannot talk back to her. She would hold my hand, wash my face and say, “please come back, you are all I have.” She would tell me that she loved me and that I would be back. I tried to tell her that I loved her but I could not. Both my parents and six brothers and sisters have gone to be with the Lord a long time ago and we are the only two left. One vision I remember clearly is where I was standing at the bottom of the escalator. The rails were moving but there were no steps. The tall figure of a man was standing at the top of where the steps would have been. He was dressed in white, even his hair was white, but I did not see his face. My thoughts to this vision is that had there been steps I would’ve walked my way into heaven and I would not be here tonight but since the time was not right I was not allowed to see his face. You cannot see God’s face and live I was in a coma for about 5 to 6 weeks. During that time I had a lung infection, a shunt placed in the back of my head, and developed a blood clot in my groin. The plan for me was to get to a rehab hospital but in order for me to qualify I had to start responding to the nurses and doctors. That did not happen until two days before the deadline. Thank God for that. I was transferred to the Glenrose Hospital and when they checked me over and they found a bug, very contagious growing in my nose. I was in isolation for the next four weeks. I was not able to participate in most of the therapy but shortly after I was transferred to Glenrose and before I was able to start my therapy pastor Duane came to visit me. When I spoke about him before he was not physically there, only in my vision! He was probably scared because he had to get all scrubbed up and covered up because of me being in isolation. There I remember him praying for me for perhaps half an hour or more. Had Pastor Duane not obeyed the Lord and let God use him I don’t think I would have been healed. It was after they asked that I recovered very quickly. But let us remember that the only credit pastor Duane gets is for obeying the Lord and letting Jesus do the work through him. We have to give the glory to God only. I found strength to do my exercises, to walk to the bathroom myself. The nurses and doctors were amazed what was happening. Several nurses were Christians and always prayed for me. The doctor that performed the operation was a Christian. The Lord put all these good people in place to us for me. I really feel important. The Lord also put many people in waves of glory in place to pray for me and I am so thankful. When I was told by the doctors I could travel to Winnipeg for Christmas I knew I had to do something the Lord had put in my heart. I had been baptized in the Catholic Church when I got married, but I knew that I now had to do it the right way. I wanted Pastor Duane to baptize me. He did that at Waves of Glory on a Sunday afternoon. My son Henry was there and he read the Scriptures, asthma and assisted Pastor Duane in the tank and I was baptized by immersion by water. Thank the Lord. In the beginning when I mention the missing stone which was founded pastor Duane, I believe this means that God was looking for someone to intervene for me, someone he could use and be willing to be used by healing wasn’t taking place I’m very thankful that pastor Duane and Mira took that timeout for someone they did not really know that well now I consider them my friends, good friends. I think pastor Duane for everything. I also want to think pastor Wibbe for allowing the use of his church for this very special occasion. I also want to thank all the people who are willingly praying for me. I am now praying for all of you. God bless you all.
Rev. James

We Our Thankful This Year

Was going to have papers I found something I forgot some papers I wrote how thankful I was about my mom healing so let me read it to hear it is approximately I believe it was March or April when my mom had a brain injury as a red third testimony on top goes into more detail. In December of the same year 2001 we went to Winnipeg and we took a plane it was surprising that my mom was able to fly because of type of injury she had a brain injury like I said you can go up and read it again so I’ll read now what I wrote.

We our thankful this year we have a lot to be thankful this Christmas we have our loving mom to make more memories on Christmas morning this year 2001 and talk about of Christmas pass. We know what happened to mom of May of this year when my mom had injury I was in school at the time and had my cell phone turned off because in class cell phones had been turned off, but when I turn the cell phone on I had a message on my phone message was I think we have your mom here in the hospital university hospital when I arrived at the hospital I walked in the ICU unit she had hoses all over the place and the nurse in charge called the doctor explained to me that this is very serious but after walking to the unit the Holy Spirit spoke to me very directly and told me your mom would not go home and got condition. That made me feel comfortable and relaxed I had no big concern after that I did call family and told them where mom was, at that time I was attending family worship Centre I informed Pastor Terry and others who was attending the church at that time. Pastor Terry and Becky who were friends of mine came and prayed I also told them what the Holy Spirit told me that your mom would not go home in that condition and got confidence because of that and praise God. Will add more, Will add more lately because this is quite a long testimony. So stay tune more to come

Rev. James Portal of heaven ministries in

August 2015

Let’s talk about more miracles that was happening in my mom’s life as a writer testimony more things and more miracles that happen in her life as you read what happened to her and how God worked through her life in September 2001 that we caught a miracle in the doctor’s were surprise within six months approximately she was back in her apartment like nothing never happened in all of us as a family was more than surprise. But for me and many others prayed with me would not surprise of this miracle, but in October or November of the same year she broke or misplaced her hip I believe it was her right hip that popped out and had to be put back into place. But after Christmas of 2001 after coming back from Winnipeg and haven’t been thanking God for the miracle that was performed by God himself me and others who prayed like Pastor Terry and Pastor Dori and others were just the tools that God used to perform this miracle. Other things happen that were miracles, sometimes you sit back and think we serve a my saviour who answers our prayer in ways we may think why Lord why Lord but we do not always have the answer why some prayers are answered and some are not when it comes to healing. Now let’s go to 2011 early 2011 can’t remember the month off and put my mom got sick again current to the doctor she had another brain atavism idol is spelled correctly but that what she had I prayed and the Lord did healer for three more days in a short time later on June 1, 2011 the Lord took her home to be with Him and asked Lord why did you healer like you did before he told me I gave you 11 years that he would not have had if I’m not healer the first time, I gave you three more days be thankful for that. At that time the more I contemplated and sat back he did give me 11 years I would not have had if it wasn’t for my Lord answering my prayers and prayers of others at that time. Many of the miracles thought performed with my mom in different areas of her life, but one miracle my mom is still praying for even if she’s not here efficiently but is here in my heart is to see her other children my brother and my two sisters coming back to the Lord. Let us continue to pray that this prayer will be answered in God’s timing and not mine so can you please pray with me as I pray.

More miracles to come thank you for reading and made a good Lord bless you and look after you, heavenly father I pray in the name of Yeshua healing to anybody that is reading this test about my mom. More testimonies to come Amen and Amen.



August 5 / 2015

​Hello everybody this is James giving you another testimony I will be talk about another testimony this one involves me. There’s a couple of parts to my testimony but let’s go back to Pembroke Ontario where the first miracle happened. I was born three months premature that was a miracle itself to be born three months premature in the 50s without going to the detail because of my premature birth God. According to my mom I weighed in 2 to 3 pounds and spent about 3 to 5 months in the hospital in an incubator majority of the time before I forget I stated in Toronto children Hospital.
This is the first of many miracles that I’ll be talking about take care God’s blessing on you. All of us are one prayer away from the miracle take care one more time God’s blessing and remember we are one prayer away from a miracle.

Rev. James